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Why You Need a Better Doctor

All of our patients come in with a story. Although everyone is different, there’s often a common theme. “I’m sick of feeling sick and tired.” Traditional medicine has gained a reputation for having short appointments and treating a pill for the ill. Chronic diseases, IBS, food sensitivities, diabetes, high blood pressure, reflux, obesity, hormone imbalances, thyroid issues etc. should not be treated with a one-size-fits-all prescription. Why you need a better doctor will become obvious once you read the rest of this article! 

“I’m sick of feeling sick and tired.”

Your personal story matters and your health is complex. You deserve a doctor who takes into account your unique health history and your lifestyle to help you create the health you want. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to consider a Functional Medicine Doctor! 

It’s time to feel heard and seen 

Chronic diseases are complex and require a deeper dive than most conventional doctors have time to spare. At Omnia Health, all of your appointments are anywhere between 30 to 75 minutes long. We listen to your story, your struggles, and your frustrations. THEN we tailor your treatment plan to address your unique needs.

In addition our patients have access to our practitioners via text, email and their patient portal. Scheduling appointments, messaging your doctor, and accessing your medical records at any time should be seamless. At Omnia Health, you’re not going to be placed on hold! We’re here for you. 

It’s time to feel empowered 

After leaving your doctor’s office you should feel like you have a game plan set in place. Unfortunately, in conventional medicine this doesn’t often happen. Patient’s are left “googling” their symptoms and solutions. This can be a big waste of time, frightening, and often, erroneous. Unfortunately when you Google your problem the search results provided will display a blend of good science, solid medicine, and a whole lot of marketing propaganda which may be misleading and/or dangerous. 

“Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to consider a Functional Medicine Doctor!”

At Denver’s Omnia Health, we practice Functional Medicine. At the heart of functional medicine is curiosity. We want to know WHY you feel the way you do. That’s why Functional Medicine is often referred to as the medicine of WHY!  We spend the time getting to know you. We will  study your labs and together we create your personalized health plan. In doing so, you will learn a lot about your body. 

Our practitioners will explain the areas where you are thriving and dissect the areas in your health that need improvement. Furthermore, you’ll learn about your personal biomarkers, risk factors, prevention strategies, and much more. You will walk out of Omnia Health’s doors feeling empowered that you know more about your body and you’ll have a health plan put in place so you can finally take the necessary steps in addressing your health!

It’s time your lifestyle is accounted for

It’s true that most doctors get less than 20 hours of nutrition education in medical school. In Functional Medicine, we believe that food is vital to your optimal health. Food is truly medicine! It impacts us all the way down to our cellular level. In addition to food, the other factors that affect your overall well being are sleep, exercise, stress, relationships, emotional health and spiritual health. It all matters! 

At Omnia Health lifestyle modifications are a major part of your health plan. It’s such an important area, that we have two health coaches on staff to help guide you and hold you accountable to making these lifestyle changes.

We believe you need a better doctor and most importantly we believe you need a Functional Medicine Doctor! Omnia Health can help provide some of the answers you’ve been “Googling” for way too long. Functional Medicine is a new way of medicine that creates a space for you to be heard, feel empowered and give you effective lifestyle solutions so you can finally stop being sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

What is Functional Medicine? Learn more here. 

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