BallancerPro at Omnia Health!

BallancerPro system

NEW at Omnia Health! The BallancerPro – The World Leader in Lymphatic Drainage Technology We have exciting news! Omnia Health now offers the BallancerPro lymphatic drainage system at our office. I have thought long and hard about all the work we do at Omnia Health. We work with our patients to help get their lifestyle […]

3 Painless Habits To Manage Your Stress Better!

manage your stress

3 Painless Habits To Manage Your Stress Better! We are continuing the conversation on The Foundations of Health. We’ve talked about nutrition, exercise, sleep and now stress! If you haven’t already check out those previous blogs. We talk about stress all the time at Omnia Health. Why? Because chronic stress is a driver of disease. […]

How to Create a Successful Sleep Routine

Dr. Jacqui's Sleep Tips

Need a Restful Nights Sleep? Here are Dr. Jacqui’s Top Sleep Tips In this blog we are going to be talking about sleep. Sleep is a topic that doesn’t get enough attention. We all know how important sleep is! We’ve all experienced sleep deprivation at some point for whatever reason. In those moments you just […]

Why You Need a Better Doctor

Doctor in office

All of our patients come in with a story. Although everyone is different, there’s often a common theme. “I’m sick of feeling sick and tired.” Traditional medicine has gained a reputation for having short appointments and treating a pill for the ill. Chronic diseases, IBS, food sensitivities, diabetes, high blood pressure, reflux, obesity, hormone imbalances, […]

Strange Summer Health Update From Dr. Jacqui

Denver 2020

A Message From Doctor Jacqui Pariset – August 2020 By Dr. Jacqui Pariset, Founder, Omnia Health in Denver, Colorado As we approach the end of a strange summer, we head towards fall with a lot of uncertainty. It is hard, at least for me, to have this uncertainty in my life. Between not knowing what will […]

Understanding the Top 4 Underlying Causes of IBS

irritable bowel syndrome

(And what you can do about it) A lot of patients come to Omnia Health because they are struggling with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Some have lived with it for years. Their life is ruled by diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, cramps, and fatigue. These patients are miserable, frustrated and, unfortunately, practically tethered to a bathroom. […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Sunscreen

kids swimming underwater

Here’s how to choose safe, effective sunscreen Is sunscreen good for you? Is it bad for you?   With the arrival of spring, many of us are biking, hiking, gardening, and enjoying other outdoor activities. Recently, several patients have asked me this question, “What do I look for when choosing sunscreen for me and my […]

The benefits of removing gluten from your diet

gluten free diet

Patients come to our practice seeking answers to their issues – and resolution. Wide-ranging symptoms include GI distress, headaches, migraines, joint pain, brain fog, and fatigue. Despite these very different symptoms, there often is a common thread. A surprising number of people have food sensitivities, which can be the underlying cause of these ailments.