Functional Medicine & Wellness

Comprehensive Care

The best health transformations occur with consistent efforts and dedication over time. The Omnia Health Comprehensive Care Program involves meeting on a regular basis. This allows me to truly get to know you and your health concerns as we work together to address all underlying issues and optimize your health. Here is an overview of our program.

Our Comprehensive Care Plan

  • Step 1: The Initial Consultation.

    During this 60-minute conversation, we will review your medical history, current concerns and future goals. Upon completion, labs are scheduled with our fantastic phlebotomist.

  • Step 2: Health Coach Meeting.

    You’ll do a deep dive into your lifestyle habits and mindset with our Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. This is vital for helping you to achieve your optimal health!

  • Step 3: The Case Review.

    This takes place approximately 4 weeks after you’ve had your labs done. Over the course of 90 minutes, we will review all of your lab results in depth. Additionally, I will create and discuss your initial health plan.

  • Step 4: Follow-Up Appointments.

    These appointments are customized. Typically, we begin by meeting on a monthly basis. You will also be working closely with our Health Coach to optimize your plan. With Omnia Health’s Comprehensive Care model, I can act as your primary care physician (includes physicals, acute care, and referrals) as well. While most patients choose to go this route, others opt to continue working with their previous physician. My team and I support whatever is most comfortable and effective for you. If you are interested, please schedule a discovery call so that I can answer any further questions or concerns.