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How Daily Habits Affect Your Long Term Health

Consistency is key. It’s a saying we’ve all heard before and although most of us see the value in it, we find it challenging to put it into action. When it comes to our health, that may be a result of having too many requirements being set upon us from mainstream media and wellness “experts.” 

Nowadays people are expected to start their day at 5am, fit in at least a 45 minute workout, cold plunge for a metabolic boost, eat the perfect breakfast, and meditate to set your intentions. All this in addition to making sure the rest of your family’s needs are met! If this sounds like insanity — that’s because it is. There is no way any human being could keep up with a routine like this for more than a day or two. 

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

All of these components offer a benefit, but it comes down to determining what truly matters. And what ends up being the most important thing to you may not matter so much to someone else. There’s nothing wrong with that. Functional health care focuses on a personal approach to medicine and wellness. There is no universal blueprint for living a better life. Building the foundation for a healthier, happier you involves understanding our patients on an individual level. That being said, there are some core aspects to achieving wellness that deserve everyone’s attention.

The Tried And True Health Trifecta

Over the years many health and fitness trends have had their time in the spotlight before eventually fading away. At Omnia Health, we focus on proven and effective lifestyle changes. In this way, we have been able to help countless patients achieve the wellness they’ve always wished for. More often than not, our personalized plans include making adjustments to one, or more, of the following habits.

Sleep Routine 

Prioritizing getting a good night’s sleep is vital. The amount of hours you allow for quality rest directly affects your energy level, mood, immune system, memory, stress — just about everything. According to The Sleep Foundation, 40 percent of people with insomnia are believed to also be affected by a mental health disorder. So as silly as it may sound, you need to make a habit of going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning. Even on the weekends. Your mind and body will thank you for it. 

Workout Regimen 

Making a commitment to getting our bodies moving on a daily basis is vital for achieving optimum health. There is no replacement for getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat. Hello natural endorphins! Whether you prefer attending a class at the gym, going for a run outside or swimming laps at your local pool, make it a habit to lead an active lifestyle. One way to make sure you follow through is to schedule your workout like you do your work meetings or your kids’ doctors appointments. No canceling or rescheduling for silly reasons! Hold yourself accountable or find a workout buddy who will. Making it a priority to get moving in small ways can have big results. 

Balanced Nutrition

Nutrition is about the basics. At Omnia Health, we educate our patients about the importance of fueling our minds and bodies the right way. Forget about those no sugar, no fat, no carbohydrate diets. Everything in moderation and at the right time is key. Once you have the knowledge, you can focus on making it a habit to consume real, unprocessed foods. Meal planning and prepping is a great way to ensure your nutritional needs are met. Because nothing is worse than coming home to a house full of hungry people after a long day of work. Inevitably, healthy decisions go out the window. It’s about doing everything you can to set yourself up for success.

Offering A More Actionable Healthcare Approach

At Omnia Health, we always begin by conducting relevant, thorough testing so you can have a clear understanding of what is going on in your body.  Is your metabolism functioning properly? Do you have high insulin? Are you suffering from significant nutrient deficiencies, low cortisol levels or poor gut health? Evaluating all of these variables is crucial for our well being. 

Functional health believes that knowledge is power. The experienced Omnia Health team ensures you have the proper insight and information so we can help provide you with the best practices that lead to better health. Understanding that health is not one size fits all is what allows us to create a plan that fits your personal goals. 

Commit To Healthy Choices 

Our well being can be improved by changing our daily habits. This also means that our negative daily habits can lead to chronic illnesses. We have to make our health a priority. Putting aside 15 minutes a day for food prep, meditating or taking a walk might not seem like much. But when you continue these healthy habits for months or years, you’ll start to notice positive changes. Your brain will function better, your stress levels will go down, and your energy levels will go up. If you wait until life gets less busy to make your health a priority, you’ll never get started. There’s no better time than now. 

You Deserve To Feel Good

Set yourself up for long term success by working with Omnia Health. We’ll do our part by helping you make a plan. And you’ll do your part by making a commitment  to yourself — and sticking with it. Take the first step in the right direction and schedule your consultation today.




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