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What is a Functional Medicine Health Coach and why do you need one?

A Functional Medicine Health Coach is not a nutritionist, dietician, or fitness trainer. They offer something different than these specialists. Instead of deeming themself an expert in a specific niche, they possess a ton of practical experience and knowledge across a variety of health-related lifestyle components. 

Katie Ozimek is the go-to Functional Medicine Health Coach on the trusted Omnia Health team. She is a Jane of all wellness trades, simultaneously acting as your guide, motivator, and accountability partner. Katie knows how to meet her patients wherever they are on their personal healthcare journey. 

When an Omnia Health patient is given a Functional Medicine Comprehensive Care Plan from Dr. Jacqui, that is gold standard. In an ideal situation, that individual can stay the course and walk down that path to a healthier, happier life smoothly. However, if and when detours arise, Katie is there to help you navigate through them. Working together, it is her job as a Functional Medicine Health Coach to find a way for all our patients to reach their end goal(s).

Avoid Functional Medicine Health Coach Imposters

There is no such thing as a universal plan for personal wellness — don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise! Taking the time to get to know your unique health journey is the first step. An experienced and trustworthy Functional Medicine Health Coach, like Katie, will ask and answer important questions, assist in setting intentions, and work with the patient to identify goals that are in their best interest. 

A true Functional Medicine Health Coach knows how to offer proper support as you embark on lifestyle changes or modifications. This includes, but is not limited to, things like:

  • Creating better sleep habits
  • Implementing mantras and meditations
  • Improving weight management
  • Enhancing or evaluating overall nutrition
  • Coping with stress
  • Journaling with gratitude and intention
  • Communicating within various relationships
  • Achieving practical and maintainable goals
  • Providing support and accountability


Having regular check-ins in order to celebrate victories (big and small) or to reevaluate when necessary, is all part of what makes working with the right Functional Medicine Health Coach so effective. 

Getting to know your Functional Medicine Health Coach, their educational background, and reputation is important. Katie studied at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, which is partnered with the Institute of Functional Medicine. She completed a year-long program that included 12 modules, each of these modules covered: 

  • A focus on coaching
  • One of the pillars of Functional Medicine (sleep, exercise, stress, relationships, nutrition) 
  • The underlying theme of Functional Medicine


The right knowledge combined with an unwavering passion for helping people allows Katie to consistently maintain positive and productive relationships with her patients. 

The path to a greater purpose

Before becoming a Functional Medicine Health Coach, Katie was a patient at Omnia Health. After Dr. Jacqui was able to help her overcome lifelong health issues, Katie found herself offering advice to others in similar situations. At that point, Dr. Jacqui had suggested looking into Functional Medicine Coaching. Thankfully, Katie took the leap and has not looked back since. Katie recognized the value of the services Omnia Health provided to patients like her and knew she wanted to be a part of it. 

Getting the healthcare you deserve is not a luxury — it’s a necessity! One that is often overlooked or pushed aside when prioritizing others’ needs. In the standard American healthcare system, how often are you truly heard? How consistently are your concerns addressed? Are you given the proper time, support and guidance?

Believe in your right to well-being

When you commit to investing in your well-being and work with Katie, you will be able to answer ‘yes’ to all of those questions. That is the greatest value of a Functional Medicine Health Coach. You are worthy of having someone who is there to celebrate the wins and help sort out the losses without judgment.  

What are you waiting for? Take the first step toward reaching your optimal health and explore our Functional Medicine Health Coaching packages today!




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