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What is a Health Coach and Why do I Need One

What is a health coach you might ask? As a health coach, I am trained to work with clients around all lifestyle factors (sleep, relaxation, exercise/movement, stress, nutrition and relationships). These lifestyle factors have a significant and direct correlation to your health.  Working with a health coach can also lead to a better understanding of your treatment plan and a deeper commitment to following recommendations made by our practitioners. 

I hope to also empower you to draw on your inner strengths, develop self-knowledge and embrace self-management strategies in order to make the often challenging lifestyle changes necessary for optimal health. 

Your Health Coach is an Accountability Partner

This is important because then you go to a traditional doctor’s appointment, your physician may recommend a lifestyle change or provide you with a prescription for a new medication but there is little to no follow up. At Omnia Heath, we take your follow-ups very seriously! You’ll be seeing and hearing from us big time! We want to help you be accountable for your actions and for you to take a role in your health. 

We have found that by having our patients take an active role in their own health it leads to greater achievement of their health goals. Our health coaches are here to guide you, educate you and most importantly support you through your health journey. They are here to listen to your concerns and celebrate your achievements.  

Some things you might talk about…

Your health coach can help you with everything from navigating a restaurant menu, creating a self-care routine, or providing you specific resources for recipes, workouts, or meditation programs.

  • Do you need recipe ideas?
  • Are you going on vacation and worried about sticking to your diet?
  • Need help with motivation?
  • Feeling stressed and can’t shake it?

This is where your health coaches come into play! 

Omnia’s Health Coaches

At Omnia Health we have two different Health Coaches, Katie is our Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. She does a lot of work surrounding nutrition, sleep, exercise and relationships. Lisa is our brain health coach. 

Lisa primarily focuses on teaching people about the brain and how powerful healing of the brain can be to the rest of the body. Lisa also works with our patients on personalized meditations and hypnotherapy. Ultimately, a health coach is someone who will walk beside you through your journey toward optimal health. 

What is Functional Medicine? Learn more here. 

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