3 ways you can create a lifestyle and not a life sentence!

lifestyle changes for better thyroid

Stress relief tips from a Brain Health Coach We all live in a whirlwind of stress. The people who walk into Omnia Health are typically busy parents with full lives – juggling both a career and their kid’s schedule. They have a lot going on and more often than not they are deeply stressed. They […]

What is a Health Coach and Why do I Need One

eating right and exercising

What is a health coach you might ask? As a health coach, I am trained to work with clients around all lifestyle factors (sleep, relaxation, exercise/movement, stress, nutrition and relationships). These lifestyle factors have a significant and direct correlation to your health.  Working with a health coach can also lead to a better understanding of […]

Making Nutritional Modifications

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How Do I Start Making Nutritional Modifications? Functional medicine is about getting to the root of the problem – the causes, not the symptom. For that reason, we often take a close look at our patients’ diet and nutritional habits. Many people that visit Denver’s Omnia Health are asked to make some lifestyle modifications that […]

Is it Ok to be Ok? I Have Noticed a Trend…

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I have noticed a trend lately that people feel like they have to be perfect and get it all done. But is that really the truth and who is putting this pressure on to be perfect? What is perfection and what does it garner? These are questions I have been asking myself and our patients […]

Simple Steps Lead to BIG Results

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Tips to successfully fulfill a “lifestyle prescription” to improve diet, increase exercise, or reduce stress When you go to a traditional doctor to resolve an issue, there’s a good chance you’ll walk away with a prescription for a pill. It’s fairly easy to follow the doctor’s recommendation: Just take the pill once or twice a […]