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How A Functional Medicine Health Coach Holds You Accountable

When it comes to making positive life changes, accountability has proven to be very helpful. Having another person who offers support, motivation, and a reason to “show up” can significantly increase your odds of following through. It’s one of the many reasons Omnia Health has a Functional Medicine Health Coach, Katie Ozimek, who works closely with our patients. 

Katie found her way into functional medicine after being diagnosed with Celiac disease and not being able to find any answers about why she was feeling so poorly. Katie turned to Dr. Jacqui who was able to shed light on her health situation while acting as a source of inspiration. Functional medicine took the blinders off for Katie and now that is what she aims to do for every one of her patients at Omnia Health. 

Part of being an impactful Functional Medicine Health Coach involves acting as an accountability partner. Here are a few ways Katie successfully takes on that role. 

Consistency Is Key 

When something becomes a part of your routine, you are more likely to stick with it. In the same way, Omnia schedules regular meetings and check-ins with our patients. The Functional Medicine Health Coach in particular will have 30 or 60 minute appointments every week or bi-weekly. This helps us to better understand your needs, measure your progress and – you guessed it – act as a source of accountability.

Guiding With Empathy

Being judgmental almost never gets positive results. Everyone has their personal strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, we are all capable of accomplishing great things when given the right support and guidance. Omnia’s Functional Medicine Health Coach is there to help you define SMART goals. An acronym that stands for Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relatable (or Relevant) and Timely. Acting as a partner, the Functional Medicine Health Coach is there to help you help yourself. 

Embracing Optimism 

More often than not we tend to be our own worst critics. We set unrealistic expectations and don’t give ourselves grace as often as we should. All we can hope for is to do the best we can do at that moment. The ability to implement a good enough mentality is a powerful tool. With empathy and warmth, Omnia’s Functional Medicine Health Coach will cheer you on and applaud your accomplishments — big and small. 

Neutralizing Excuses 

There is a difference between making an excuse and having a legitimate reason. A reason is honest and describes unavoidable circumstances. An excuse, on the other hand, is a distraction designed to protect our self esteem and avoid accepting responsibility.  Many excuses even stem from some kind of underlying fear of failure. Keeping things real and holding patients accountable, Omnia’s Functional Medicine Health Coach knows how to keep things real and hold patients accountable in a kind and professional way. It’s not about placing blame. It’s about finding opportunities to be better by keeping excuses at bay.

A Proven And Well-Rounded Wellness Plan.

Having a dedicated Functional Medicine Health Coach like Katie on your side is just one part of the positive experience. When you participate in our Comprehensive Care Program, you’ll get the benefit of having the Omnia Health team advocate for your optimal wellness. Schedule your consultation to get started.




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