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The Importance of Preventative Cancer Screening

Cancer is a global concern that has unexpectedly affected countless lives. It is a disease that doesn’t care about your age, gender or socioeconomic status. As scientists continue to work towards a cure, it’s extremely important for us to take control of what we can through preventative cancer screenings. At Omnia Health, we believe in the power of proactivity when it comes to health and wellbeing. Being diligent about your preventative cancer screening (and reminding your loved ones to do the same) has a proven track record of saving lives.

Early Detection Means More Effective Treatment

Preventative cancer screening is crucial because of its ability to detect cancer in its early stages. Regular screenings enable healthcare professionals to identify cancer at its most treatable form, significantly increasing the chances of the patient having a complete and successful recovery. 

Did you know? 50 percent of cancers are at an advanced stage when diagnosed.

Source: National Library of Medicine

For instance, regularly scheduled mammograms and breast examinations can detect breast cancer before any noticeable symptoms appear, allowing for early intervention and a higher likelihood of survival. Similarly, colonoscopies can detect precancerous polyps in the colon, allowing for their removal before they develop into malignant tumors. The ability to reduce mortality rates also applies in the case of cervical cancer screenings, such as Pap tests. By identifying abnormal cervical cells early, medical professionals can provide appropriate interventions, such as surgical procedures or targeted therapies, that can significantly improve the patient’s prognosis. 

The overall theme here is that making preventative cancer screenings a priority significantly increases survival rates. It’s one of the many reasons Omnia Health is thorough with our questions, preliminary testing and bloodwork. 

Preventative Care That Proves To Be Cost-Effective 

While some individuals may be concerned about the costs associated with cancer screenings, they are a cost-effective investment. Along with improving the patient prognosis, detecting cancer at an early stage also reduces the financial burden on both individuals and healthcare systems. The cost of treating advanced-stage cancers is significantly higher than the cost of preventative screenings. By investing in regular screenings, you are investing in your health, longevity and optimal quality of life. There’s no question about it — knowing you are doing everything in your power to avoid and combat cancer is worth it. 

Ignorance Isn’t Always Bliss

When it comes to your health, knowledge is a powerful form of prevention. Just like Omnia Health combines the best that Functional Medicine and Traditional Medicine have to offer, you should utilize all the resources that are at your disposal. 

Preventative cancer screening goes hand in hand with risk reduction strategies. They exist to diligently monitor and detect any potential issues. Depending on your family’s health history, you may be advised to have genetic testing done (some of which may be covered by insurance) in order to assess your level of risk for certain types of cancer. By taking charge of your health, you have the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding your lifestyle choices and the ability to experience peace of mind. 

Make Prevention A Priority

In the battle against cancer, preventative screenings facilitate early detection and treatment that ultimately leads to lives being saved. In the midst of getting sidetracked by our daily responsibilities and focus on caring for others, we need to  recognize that being there for our loved ones means prioritizing our own health and wellness. Together, we can turn the tide against cancer and create a brighter future for generations to come.

Omnia Health is committed to advocating for our patients. Your priorities and concerns will always remain at the forefront. We believe you deserve to feel good and live a long, fulfilling life — starting today! Schedule your consultation.




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