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What is Your Why?

Oftentimes we look at our health as a response to a problem. Such as, when you start gaining weight out of the blue or you suddenly have digestion issues you didn’t have before.

Then we go to a doctor to treat the symptoms. But there is a great new way of thinking about our health and that is from a preventative standpoint. What if we were able to do a full snapshot of the body and its functions BEFORE you started feeling symptoms?

This is why Functional Medicine is so different. We are here to support you in your prevention of having issues in the future. “What is your why” is not a rhetorical question, it’s a life-changing question!

“Functional Medicine is the Medicine of Why”

Functional Medicine starts with the question of Why because to resolve a long-term issue, we must go deeper than your symptoms. At Omnia Health we challenge our patients to ask the question, of themselves – WHY!


Why do you want to be healthy?

Why do you want to prevent any potential issues?

When we start looking at what drives us, then we are much more motivated to actually follow through with the lifestyle plan given to us.

Again, Why…

Do you want to play on the floor with your grandkids?

Do you want to throw a football with your son?

Or perhaps you want to throw a football with your daughter?

Or maybe you finally want to take up those salsa lessons you’ve been really wanting to do for years!

Instead of seeing a doctor when something breaks or the symptoms become unbearable, let’s support you in your WHY. Let’s find a way of supporting you in doing all of the things that are profoundly important to you – the things that make your life incredible.

I recommend you start asking yourself –

“What would I do if I felt incredible and had no health limitations?”

Once you narrow it down to one or two things that really light you up, print them out and put them everywhere. Stick those reminders on your fridge, in your car on your  screensaver, on your calendar, on your… well, you get the idea!

Think about how this new perspective will then be a new lens of how you view the decisions you make and the actions you choose!

Do you really think you will mindlessly eat those cupcakes on the counter when you see a note about your goal of the awesome swing dance you have planned as a surprise at your son’s wedding? Or how about the temptation to drive past the gym on your way home when you see the note about hiking the Fourteener with your spouse?

Your Motivation is Your WHY! 

Once we start pursuing our why, the lifestyle plan to limit carbs or to exercise more, suddenly have deeper meaning and a stronger commitment. They aren’t done with the excuse “The doctor  told me I have to”, or seeing it as a punishment or a void of things you can no longer have.

Instead, these lifestyle plans are here to help you achieve all of your WHYs and to help you live the life of your dreams.

So the question is not WHAT are you waiting for, but WHY are you waiting? Ready to get started? Let’s talk!

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What is Functional Medicine? Learn more here. 

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