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What is Brain Health Coaching?

As you can imagine, people often ask me “what is brain health coaching and what does that have to do with functional medicine?” Brain health coaching is much like any sort of coaching – you engage an expert to assist you in improving something you do. People who want to be in better shape hire fitness coaches. People who want to improve their careers retain career coaches. People who want to improve their diets go to nutrition coaches. 

This begs the question – why would someone need a brain coach? The short answer is, for everything. You see, everything we do as people starts with our brains. It is the one ingredient that is a part of everything we do – fitness, sports, career, relationships, health. It is impossible to find a single human activity or pursuit that doesn’t originate or at least involve our brains. Yet, so often we take this absolutely critical and necessary component of everything we do for granted. Brain health coaching is one of the tools we use at Omnia Health with our functional medicine approach to wellbeing.

“The truth is our brains are not static.” 

Lisa Marini

The truth is our brains are not static. Our brains, like pretty much every other part of our body, can be altered. Strengthened. Nourished. Even healed. And the amazing thing is that the results we reap from improving and nourishing our brains are absolutely transformative. Think about it – your brain pretty much controls everything you and your body does. If you can improve the thing that controls it, everything else can improve too.

Brain Health Coaching is Part of a Functional Medicine Strategy

So how do you improve your brain? Great question! That’s what I’m here for. First and foremost, it begins with brain health. Feeding your brain the right fuel and giving it the right amount of rest and diversion is critical. Think of the brain like an engine. If you put bad fuel in it, run it for long period of time and never change the oil – how do you think that engine is going to work?

Now is such an important time to start implementing Brain Health Coaching in your life. We are facing more stress than ever given the current state of the world. Not only are we dealing with our normal life stressors – we are trying to do it during a pandemic.

Schedule time today with me, Omnia’s in-house Brain Health Coach, Lisa Marini, CBHC. I can help formulate a plan and program for you to get your brain in tip-top shape and to manage your life and its stressors.

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