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The brain is at the source of everything. So, why don’t we talk more about brain health?

The brain is at the source of everything. So, why don’t we talk more about brain health?

I have spent years working on my health. I’ve gone to different doctors. I’ve gone to eye doctors, a gut doctor and I’ve also done some personal training and physical therapy. Throughout my lifetime of health and wellness, I was never talked to about my brain. The only time people really get their brain checked is when they’ve had a traumatic brain injury or they’re worried about cognitive decline. 

The brain is at the source of everything. 

But really the brain is at the source of everything. It’s at the source of what you’re going to make for dinner, or if you’re going to exercise today, how your mood is for the day, or how you relate to other people. If we don’t understand how the brain works then we’re at a huge disadvantage. It’s almost like being handed the keys to a Ferrari and not having a clue how to drive it. 

I help people understand how the brain works so it can support achieving your health goals. It can also help you with stress management, mindset and creating the powerful life you want to have. 

A little bit about me and why I love talking about brain health

I’ve been trained under a lot of different modalities. I’ve been trained under Daniel Amen, MD who is the Founder of Amen Clinic. I also have experience as a Neurosculpting Facilitator. This can help people who want to learn how to meditate but their mind is too “chattery”. Neurosculpting is a meditation modularity that is based in Neuroscience.

I am also a Hypnotherapist. 90% of our mind is subconscious. I’d be a pretty terrible brain coach if I didn’t know about subconscious programming. In hypnotherapy we can shift a lot of things about behavior in the subconscious mind!

Some of the other things that I love to talk about is what to eat to fuel your brain. I also love teaching ways to deal with stress and shifting mindsets.

To learn more about ways I can help you, reach out to Omnia Health and set up an appointment!

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Lisa Marini

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