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The Benefits Of Intuitive Eating

Since inception, Omnia Health has existed to debunk the theory of “universal healthcare”. Every individual is different and needs to be treated as such. It’s one of the many benefits of Functional Medicine. Our Comprehensive Care plans are unique and thorough in the way they account for your physical, mental and emotional health.

With this mindset of identifying better ways to achieve overall well-being, we find that in a society obsessed with calorie counting, body shaming and fad diets, the concept of intuitive eating is a much needed breath of fresh air. Intuitive eating is an approach to nutrition and overall well-being that integrates instinct, emotion and rational thought. 

Created in 1995 by two dieticians, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, intuitive eating is a personal and dynamic process that has been validated by over 100 studies to date. It includes the following 10 principles:

  1. Reject The Diet Mentality
  2. Honor Your Hunger
  3. Make Peace With Food
  4. Challenge The Food Police
  5. Respect Your Fullness
  6. Discover The Satisfaction Factor
  7. Honor Your Feelings Without Using Food
  8. Respect Your Body
  9. Exercise And Feel The Difference
  10. Honor Your Health With Gently Nutrition


As you can probably tell by the above mentioned attributes, intuitive eating is designed to be a maintainable lifestyle that champions self-love along through a harmonious relationship with food. Omnia Health has always advocated for maintainable and positively impactful lifestyle changes. 

These types of approaches are ultimately what lead to optimal results for becoming the healthiest and happiest version of you. Let’s discuss some of the transformative benefits of implementing intuitive eating.

  1. Goodbye dieting. Hello healthy food relationships.

Rejecting the ‘diet mentality’ is one of the main aspects of intuitive eating. It is very liberating to simply trust your body’s intuition rather than succumbing to strict eating rules and regulations. Constantly weighing yourself, measuring food, or counting calories can be extremely exhausting — not to mention, discouraging and unsustainable.

Throughout the process, intuitive eating allows you to rediscover the joy of eating without the unwanted guilt or anxiety. By learning to eat mindfully through being in tune with your body’s hunger and fullness cues, you’ll be able to view food the way it was meant to be seen: as a source of energy, nutrition and vitality. 

  1. Body positivity and emotional well-being.

Intuitive eating encourages you to appreciate your body for what it is instead of what society deems it should be. By prioritizing health over physical appearance, you learn to accept that every body is different and to celebrate your uniqueness. Your mental and emotional wellness will improve as a direct result of embracing this mindframe. 

Intuitive eating recognizes and accepts the emotional aspects of eating. This approach gives ‘permission’ for you to eat in celebration of something or to find comfort when needed. No judgment here. The lack of negativity and self-deprecation based on your eating choices will improve your mental state while reducing food-associated stress. And we all know that stress is a significant factor in both weight gain as well as chronic health-related issues. 

  1. Improved self-awareness and nutritional choices. 

Intuitive eating requires listening to your body’s cues and understanding how various foods make you feel. This enhanced level of self-awareness goes hand-in-hand with making healthier lifestyle choices. Your body was made to naturally crave an array of nutrients necessary for maintaining a more balanced and nourishing food regimen. By allowing your body to take the lead (instead of calorie-counting and guilt), you are able to truly gain control of your overall well-being in a proven and positive way.

  1. Focus on longevity and lasting improvements.

Fostering a positive relationship with food, your body and your emotions is directly connected to achieving long-term health benefits. These include reduced risk of developing an eating disorder, improved cholesterol levels, better blood sugar control, along with a decreased prevalence of anxiety and depression. Those who choose to integrate intuitive eating into their lifestyle will also find that eating in a relaxed, mindful state helps their body to digest food more efficiently. 

  1. An approach you can sustain. 

One thing everyone needs to come to terms with is that there is no such thing as a quick and easy fix for shedding unwanted pounds or eliminating health-related issues. It requires self-discipline and embracing of individuality. Intuitive eating is NOT a trend. It is a lifelong commitment towards nourishing your body with love and care that takes physical, emotional, and mental wellness into account. Both realistic in its implementation and its goals, intuitive eating is an approach worth embracing. 

The overall concept of intuitive eating aligns with the Functional Medicine approach. If you’re looking to have a better understanding of how your body functions and ways to improve your quality of life, Omnia Health is here for you. Schedule your FREE consultation today.




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