Why You Need a Better Doctor

All of our patients come in with a story. Although everyone is different, there’s often a common theme. “I’m sick of feeling sick and tired.” Traditional medicine has gained a reputation for having short appointments and treating a pill for the ill. Chronic diseases, IBS, food sensitivities, diabetes, high blood pressure, reflux, obesity, hormone imbalances, […]

What is a Health Coach and Why do I Need One

What is a health coach you might ask? As a health coach, I am trained to work with clients around all lifestyle factors (sleep, relaxation, exercise/movement, stress, nutrition and relationships). These lifestyle factors have a significant and direct correlation to your health.  Working with a health coach can also lead to a better understanding of […]

Making Nutritional Modifications

How Do I Start Making Nutritional Modifications? Functional medicine is about getting to the root of the problem – the causes, not the symptom. For that reason, we often take a close look at our patients’ diet and nutritional habits. Many people that visit Denver’s Omnia Health are asked to make some lifestyle modifications that […]

Hypnotherapy and Functional Medicine

What is Hypnotherapy? Does it work? Although Omnia Health is a functional medicine focused organization, hypnotherapy plays a role in many of the solutions we create for our patients. Hypnotherapy and functional medicine work well together. Hypnotherapy is the act of guiding someone into a trance state and then giving them suggestions for change. This […]

What is Brain Health Coaching?

As you can imagine, people often ask me “what is brain health coaching and what does that have to do with functional medicine?” Brain health coaching is much like any sort of coaching – you engage an expert to assist you in improving something you do. People who want to be in better shape hire […]