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Balance Your Thyroid Now

Balance Your Thyroid Now

Three Things You Can do NOW to Help Balance Your Thyroid When I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, I was shocked.  I was 30-years old, and otherwise very healthy.  I wanted to know WHY I got this disease.  And more importantly, WHAT should I be doing to help my body heal.   My doctors did not […]

Is it Your Thyroid or Something Else?

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It’s Important to Get Answers to These 3 Questions About Your Thyroid What is hypothyroidism and what can we do about it? Let’s discuss three things to consider when your thyroid labs are normal but you still have hypothyroid symptoms. Let’s explore thyroid issues with a functional medicine approach.  Symptoms of hypothyroidism are vast and […]

Still Struggling to Lose Weight?

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4 issues that might be preventing your weight loss A number of patients come to our office, discouraged that they’re unable to lose weight. “I’m doing everything right,” they tell us. “I’m following my diet faithfully. I’m exercising every day. But the weight is not coming off. Some weeks, I actually GAIN weight. Help!” Of […]

Are You Frustrated With Mysterious Symptoms?

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It might be mold toxicity. Here are clues… By the time some patients come to Omnia Health, they’re at their wit’s end. They’ve been struggling with a variety of symptoms. They’ve seen doctors and specialists. Their lab tests come back normal. They’re told “it’s all in your head,” and offered a psychiatric referral or antidepressants. […]