Are You Frustrated With Mysterious Symptoms?

It might be mold toxicity. Here are clues… By the time some patients come to Omnia Health, they’re at their wit’s end. They’ve been struggling with a variety of symptoms. They’ve seen doctors and specialists. Their lab tests come back normal. They’re told “it’s all in your head,” and offered a psychiatric referral or antidepressants. […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Sunscreen

Here’s how to choose safe, effective sunscreen Is sunscreen good for you? Is it bad for you?   With the arrival of spring, many of us are biking, hiking, gardening, and enjoying other outdoor activities. Recently, several patients have asked me this question, “What do I look for when choosing sunscreen for me and my […]

Do You Turn to Comfort Food When Stressed?

(Hint:replace it with new foods and flavors) Sugar is toxic for your brain. Here’s how to cut back on this culprit. Like every other part of your body, your brain can be strengthened and even healed to function properly. One of the keys is proper nutrition. The latest science tells us that sugar is toxic […]