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Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Do you grapple with a chronic health struggle? During this deep-dive assessment – including more than 10 hours of consultation – Omnia staff members will team with you to identify and resolve nagging health concerns, create your personalized health plan, and guide you to put your plan into action.

“Let’s get you to the level of health and vitality you deserve.”

This comprehensive, team-based program addresses your health history, lifestyle factors, and current challenges including chronic illness. Truly your partners in health, you get ongoing support to implement your health plan and resolve health concerns. Together, let’s get you to the level of health and vitality you deserve.

Your Investment:

You did not get to this point in your wellbeing overnight and you won’t change your life overnight. We appreciate that this is a significant investment in your health but we both know, YOU’RE WORTH IT! Your investment is a one-time payment of $2495 (does not include lab tests). And, we’re always willing to work with you to make a payment plan that works for you.

Your Essentials Program includes:

  • Launch – To kickstart your health journey, we ask that you join Omnia’s group-based Launch, an introduction to functional medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle management tools. These gatherings are offered twice a month and led by our nurse practitioner or one of our health coaches. You’ll receive your Patient Education & Resource Binder, lifestyle tips, and nutrition introduction. The launch focuses on three significant lifestyle intervention tips: nutrition, sleep, and stress management. During the Launch, we’ll also answer any questions you may have about the Living Matrix Health History intake form. This highly detailed, online intake form must be completed in full, prior to any consultations or lab tests. (Note that Launch gatherings are offered at set times every month.)
  • Initial consultation – During this 75-minute discussion, we’ll evaluate your health history, ask about your current concerns, and help you clarify your ultimate health goals. Our patients often comment about the in-depth nature of this one-on-one discussion with one of our Institute of Functional Medicine certified practitioners. This is a big difference from the typical 15-minute doctor discussion!
  • Advanced functional lab testing and diagnostic panel – Here at Omnia Health, we test – we don’t guess. Functional lab testing helps to evaluate your health on a cellular level. These test results give us vital insight and data on your individual health. Functional tests are different from traditional tests, because they help us identify the root causes of your health challenges. For example, our extensive diagnostic panel evaluates inflammatory markers, heart health, nutrient status, hormone balance, metabolic markers, toxin markers, metals, and more. Further testing recommendations are personalized and may include stool, urine or saliva tests, depending on your specific signs and symptoms. Note that lab tests are NOT included in the program fee. We have arranged for our patients to pay lab pricing directly, with no surcharges from Omnia. Click to visit the FAQs page to learn more about lab testing and fees.
  • Your case review and personalized health plan – In this 60-minute appointment, you’ll meet with an Omnia health provider to review your lab results and your personalized health plan. Typically, the health plan addresses nutrition, necessary supplements to address underlying issues, relevant medication changes, and lifestyle recommendations such as sleep habits, weight management, exercise recommendations, and stress management.
  • 3 follow-up visits (1 hour each) – During your three 60-minute appointments, we’ll review your progress and challenges. We’re your health partners and your accountability team. This means patting you on the back to recognize progress – as well as holding your feet to the fire, if necessary. Also, while most of our patients live in metro Denver, many are out-of-town. And some don’t live in Colorado! For your three follow-up visits (and health coaching, noted below), we can meet via our telemedicine technology.
  • 6 hours of health coaching – Certified in functional medicine health coaching, our health coaches guide you to put your personalized health plan into action. Thanks to a healthy dose of motivation and inspiration, you can stay on track and start seeing results.
  • Email support – The Omnia Health team is here to answer your questions and address your concerns when you need us.
  • Access to medical-grade professional supplements – After extensive research, we only recommend the best supplements for you, which support your personalized health plan.

“I’ve seen my life change dramatically since I started working with the team at Omnia Health!”

Nancy Johnson, Denver Property Management Systems

Dr. Jacqui Pariset has been helping women regain their health for over ten years!

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