The Omnia Consultation

A highly focused assessment to optimize your health & vitality

Overview: Are you an optimizer? If so, the Omnia Consultation is your opportunity to get an advanced strategy to improve a particular lifestyle factor. This could include nutrition/weight management, exercise, sleep habits, stress management, exercise program, or a medication adjustment. Take advantage of this health assessment for (1) a one-time consultation and (2) the creation of a highly focused health plan to address your specific question, so you can further optimize your health.


One-time fee of $799

The Omnia Consultation includes:

  • Advanced functional lab testing and diagnostic panel – As a first step, you’ll undergo advanced functional lab testing and diagnostic panel, which may include a comprehensive evaluation of inflammation, hormones, nutrient balance, and more. Here at Omnia, our favorite motto is: “We test – we don’t guess.” Functional lab testing helps evaluate health on a cellular level, and test results give us vital insight and data. Functional tests are different from traditional tests, because they help to identify the root causes of your health challenges. For example, our extensive diagnostic panel evaluates inflammatory markers, heart health, nutrient status, hormone balance, metabolic markers, and more. Note that lab tests are NOT included in the program fee. We have arranged for our patients to pay lab pricing directly, with no surcharges from Omnia. Click to visit the FAQs page to learn more about lab testing and fees.
  • Creation of your personalized health plan, plus consultation with Jacqui Pariset, MD – Once we have your lab results, we’ll carefully review them. Plus, we’ll study your comprehensive health history including your current concerns and health goals. We bring all this together to develop a personalized health plan, so you can meet your goals. In your 90-minute consultation with Dr. Jacqui, you’ll thoroughly your health plan together.
  • 2 hours of health coaching – At Omnia, we’re your health partners, cheerleaders, and accountability team. Our health coaches are certified in functional medicine and guide you to put your health plan into action. Whether your goal is getting your health back on track or optimizing a particular lifestyle factor, this coaching hour gives you a chance to ask follow-up questions and gain additional insight and inspiration!

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