Case Studies in Functional Medicine

Real patients. Real results. Functional medicine works. 

In functional medicine, we often see patients who tell us they are “at the end of their rope.” They are frustrated with traditional, conventional medicine. They’ve seen multiple doctors, undergone invasive testing procedures, and tried a medley of prescription medicines. Still their signs and symptoms persist. This standard of care simply could not deliver results for them.

When they come to Omnia Health, they want answers – and they want results. In their words, they just want to live a normal life without pain! Our goal is to restore function in their body. The following anonymous case studies are actual patients who sought help from our metro Denver practice.

Functional Medicine Case study #1

Woman suffered from chronic headaches for 18 years!

The patient’s issue: Plagued with chronic headaches, this 42-year-old female had seen eight neurologists who prescribed multiple medications. Nothing helped. Her relentless migraines impacted her daily activities. After work, she would often go to bed instead of spending quality time with her kids. She gained weight and reached BMI 29, which is considered nearly obese. She suffered from chronic constipation and “bad digestion,” taking over-the-counter meds and magnesium nightly. Plus, she suffered from fatigue, saying: “I always feel tired; I don’t get restful sleep.”

Our findings: We ran advanced functional lab tests to gain insight and data. (Patients often hear us say, “We test – we don’t guess.”) After in-depth consultations with Dr. Jacqui, Gia (our nurse practitioner) and our certified health coaches, we concluded that our patient suffered from gastrointestinal (GI) dysbiosis. Simply put, this means there were low levels of “good” bacteria in her gut and high levels of “bad” bacteria. She also had low levels of specific – and critically important – nutrients including omega 3s, vitamin D, CoQ 10, magnesium, and zinc. Plus, we found that unbalanced hormones and insulin resistance were causing her weight gain.

Omnia treatment plan and results: We teamed with our patient to step through an elimination diet. Plus, we guided her to begin safe, intermittent fasting. We provided high-quality GI supplements to support her gut healing and talked about natural ways to balance her insulin and hormones. As a team, we identified foods that trigger her headaches. Throughout the process, our patient lost 30 pounds, her energy returned, and her headaches decreased. When her headaches stopped altogether, the patient celebrated – and so did we!

Functional Medicine Case study #2

Man with chronic reflux wants a solution – not a lifetime of meds.

The patient’s issue: This 40-year-old male attributed his chronic reflux to his high-stress job. Often painful, the reflux kept him up most nights, causing restless sleep. He viewed his daily bloating and gas as “just my normal life.” After a colonoscopy, the gastroenterologist told him everything looked fine, but recommended he stay on Prilosec indefinitely! (Side effects can include severe kidney damage.) This man wanted a different answer than staying on powerful prescription medication for the rest of his life. He tried several times to quit taking this drug but failed; the bloating and gas always returned.

Our findings: Thanks to our in-depth process of discovery – a comprehensive health history intake form, advanced functional lab tests, and thorough consultations with the Omnia Health team – we identified the root issues as gut dysbiosis, low enzyme activity, and SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

Omnia treatment plan and results: We partnered with our patient to overhaul his diet and identify triggers for his reflux as well as his anxiety. After treating the SIBO and gut dysbiosis through natural methods, he was able to get off Prilosec. This way, he could control his symptoms with diet, since he knew which foods to avoid. Soon, his chronic bloating and gas disappeared, and his sleep pattern returned to normal.

Functional Medicine Case study #3

Fatigue and “brain fog” limited this young woman’s quality of life.

The patient’s issue: Imagine getting up every day, feeling increasingly fatigued and experiencing an overwhelming sense of “brain fog.” How can you have a healthy, productive life full of vitality? It’s just not possible. This 28-year-old patient also noted thinning hair and intermittent joint and muscle pain. Due to worrying signs and symptoms, she saw her primary care doctor and was told everything was okay. She was offered a prescription antidepressant, because “it might help.”

Our findings: Here at Omnia Health, we test – we don’t guess. Plus, every patient has in-depth discussions with our nurse practitioner, our certified health coaches, and Jacqui Pariset, MD. After conducting an initial round of functional lab tests and holding discussions with our patient, we found that she suffered from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, significant nutrient deficiencies, and gluten sensitivity.

Omnia treatment plan and results: We instructed our patient to stop consuming gluten, which immediately resulted in the disappearance of her joint and muscle pain. We balanced her thyroid with nutrients and medication, which increased her energy level. Her hair thinning stopped, and her brain fog disappeared. A new lease on life for this young woman!

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